Board Spotlight: George Khoury

Get to know CCHLT’s Board of Directors and why they will be supporting CCHLT for Centre Gives on May 5 & 6…George Khoury Supports CCHLT

George is a retired civil engineer who cares deeply about the mission of Centre County Housing and Land Trust because “…too many families who would like to live in our community, and who would add texture and diversity to our community, cannot afford to do so.”

How does George describe the mission of CCHLT?
“The mission of CCHLT is to create housing that is affordable to more people. My two-word vision for CCHLT is starter homes.”

Why does George support CCHLT?
“A healthy community provides housing that is affordable to people at all income levels. Currently, the Centre Region housing market is not affordable to many people. Because CCHLT is working to correct the imbalance of affordable housing, I support it.”

Why should you support CCHLT?
“People should understand that there is an imbalance in the cost of housing in our region vs. what the typical wage earner can afford. Helping CCHLT supports diversity and the overall health of our community. It also supports our economic health. We’re also a really great bunch of people!”


Centre County Housing and Land Trust strengthens communities through the development and stewardship of permanently affordable homes for people of low- to moderate-income in Centre County, PA. Since 2007, CCHLT has operated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit featuring the collaborative effort of five local organizations to focus on: promoting and preserving of affordable housing; providing education; creating partnerships; and assisting municipalities on affordable housing policies. More information about CCHLT and its programs is available at Follow CCHLT on Twitter @CentreCountyHLT, on Facebook at, or sign up for updates on CCHLT’s Email List.

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