Why Centre County?

In light of the 2005 Centre County Affordable Housing Needs Assessment and the steady increase in residential sales prices in Centre County, several housing stakeholders sought to address the need for affordable housing for low and moderate income households. In response to this need, Centre County Housing and Land Trust (CCHLT) was incorporated in the summer of 2007. This allowed for all residents of Centre County to avail themselves to the benefit of community land trust (CLT) housing.

In 2011, CCHLT commissioned a Housing Market Study to understand and better meet the need and desire for affordable housing in Centre County. As a result, CCHLT’s affordable housing development, management, and stewardship activities are predominantly targeted to areas of Centre County where the cost of housing is unattainable for most low and moderate income households. CCHLT promotes affordable housing in pedestrian and transit-oriented communities. We focus on smart growth to select sites for residents to live closer to employment and minimize transportation expenses. We utilize Centre County and Centre Region comprehensive plans for factors to guide site selection. Understanding that we develop and steward homes in Centre County, who does CCHLT serve as homebuyers? Read more.

Check out the video below created by the Centre County Affordable Housing Coalition in 2014.